Saturday, December 29, 2007


After I work out I always go into the sauna for 10-15 minutes and tonight was no different. But when I walked in tonight I saw a very hot guy with the most PERFECT body that I have ever seen in person. His body had a PERFECT amount of muscles his arms, pecks, abs, shoulders, back everything was just beautifully perfect and also had perfectly smooth skin. I have never seen him at the gym before, but you can be sure that I will keep an eye out for him from now on. He was so sexy/hot with a buzz hair cut and that body...I can't get over his body...ugh.

Friday, December 28, 2007

I Forgot

I completely forgot to mention the personal trainer I saw at the Abby. At my gym I always see this personal trainer that I find cute, not hot or sexy but really cute, if that makes any sense. Anyways I always had a feeling that he might be a mo, but it was just a feeling because he does not look or act gay from what I can tell. So I just admire/stare every time I see him.

So the other night, as we were doing our rounds around the bar, who do I see, thats right the personal trainer(I haven't got close enough at the gym to see his name tag...haha) and I immediately point him out to JR. Of course this was right after the Jake situation and JR was still high off of him so he didn't pay much attention (it's ok, JR I completely I don't know if he saw me, but I hope he did and will remember me the next time I see him at the gym.

I had completely forgot to mention this and the only reason I remembered is because I just saw him at the time right now working with a client as I was walking out.

SHOUT OUT...just wanted to give a shout out to a new blog. Coming To Terms With "IT" He is going through the same things many of us are going through although he has progress much more than I have, which is great.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Last Friday, I finally went to my first gay bar with a fellow blogger. I have been waiting for JR from Nothing Golden Stays to post about it because he sums it up perfectly. So please head over to read his post Oh, what a night.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rose Parade

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Christmas. Since it was fairly warm out here we had a Christmas BBQ, it was great.

Anyways, I just got back from decorating floats for the Rose Parade. During high school we use to go every year, but once we all went to college we stop. But now since everyone is done with school we have time to do it again. The float we worked on looks amazing in the drawing and we did lots of detail work today, I can't wait to see the finish product. Oh and one of the local news station was there and as I am typing this, I just saw myself on television, even though it was for like 2 seconds two different times, it still me...haha.

Keep an eye out for the float I worked on it has dolphins on it.

Some floats I have worked on in the past.

Worked on her necklace...worked on the computer screen...worked on the flag.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A new smell...

After I got out of work tonight, I decided to go to Macy's to look around to see if there was anything good on sale. When I happen to walk by the men fragrances counter and since I have been wanting to get a new cologne, this was perfect. I need a new smell because I'm getting tired with the one I use. So after circling the counters a few times I was finally able to narrow my choices down to 5.

They are: Acqua Di Gio (Thanks K), Kenneth Cole Reaction, Kenneth Cole Black, Nautica Voyage and Guess Man. I like them all so which one do you guys recommend I should get?

Oh while I was circling the counters. I walked by these two ladies and one of them said to her friend "Oh smell him, he smells good" they both look at me, I just laugh and smile back. Then she turns back to her friend and says "Go smell him, I don't know what he's wearing but when he walked by it smelled really fresh." The funny thing is I wasn't wearing any

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Last Saturday my friend was having her first annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party at her place, she just bought a house. But this was not an ordinary Ugly Sweater Christmas Party; we had to follow one of the three criteria:

1 – Wear a beautifully ugly Christmas sweater
2 – Bring a bottle of wine or any other form of alcohol
3 – Donate $10, she is running in the LA Marathon and the money will go to Aids Foundation

Since I did not find any ugly sweaters and was too lazy to make one and I already donated, I decided to bring a bottle of wine. I had two bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka, which from a distance looks like wine, it was green vodka so I brought that just because it looked more Christmassy. Oh and since that day I just happen to baking cookies for another friend, because she was going to a cookie party, I didn’t even know those exist. But anyways I baked a little extra to take to the party along with my bottle of vodka.

The party started at 8, I got there around 9ish and of course I’m like the 3rd person there. She had wanted to make the party “classy” so there was a wide variety of cheese and crackers, hence why she wanted everyone to bring wine, to bad I didn’t. But it didn’t matter because there were TONS of wine and as the night progress and more people showed up there were also a few cases of beer, which came in handy.

Some of the sweaters people were wearing were wonderfully ugly, a few of my friends didn’t find anything in the guys section so they got sweaters from the women section, it was hilarious. Eventually the party went outside in the freaking cold (it was around 45 degrees, yes that is freaking cold for us Southern Californian) where the Beer Pong tournament was being held, so much for the “classy” party. I teamed up with a friend of my friend, he was pretty cute and we chatted through out the night to bad was TOTALLY straight…haha we went up against two of my girl friends and yeah we kicked there asses, so they had to drink all of our beers as well. After a few rounds of that we went back inside to have more cheese, crackers and wine. Then everyone started playing Kings and enjoying each others company, many in a drunken state. Just like the good old college days…lol.

Eventually everyone started to leave and only a few of us were left, so we started to help her clean up. It was a brand new house after all and we didn’t want to leave a mess. I was gathering up the bottles of wine and found out that we finished around 22 bottles with 6 or so half full and also finished around two cases of beer. It was one very “classy” party…lol.

Oh and there were a few cuties, but all I could do was look from time to time, many of my friends were there after all.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


This morning I was on my way to pick up my new glasses. While waiting at a stop light I happen to look over to the car next to me, which happen to be a girl driving, pretty cute too if I swung that way…haha and what she did took me by surprise, she waved and smiled at me. I was in complete SHOCK never in my ENTIRE life as that ever happen to me. Her window was rolled down but mine was up, so I couldn’t hear what she was saying, so I just smiled and waved back but then the light turned green so we went our way. I wished it would have been a hot guy cause then I would have screwed the green light and would have rolled down my window…lol

But then I was thinking she must have not been wearing her glasses, either that, or she needs a stronger prescription for her contacts because things like that just don’t happen to me…lol.

Btw I LOVE my new glasses.

Monday, December 10, 2007


During my little cousins birthday party yesterday my cousin’s wife had mention that she needed to baked 6 dozen cookies for Wednesday and didn’t know how she is going to find the time and place to baked them, their house is being remodeled. So I offered to bake them for her. So now I have to bake 6 dozen cookies tomorrow so she can pick them up tomorrow night.

If you hadn’t already notice I enjoy baking, it takes my mind off of things in life…lol

Sunday, December 9, 2007


I have done absolutely NOTHING lately, so I don't have a thing to post. The only thing remotely interesting I've done is baked a few cakes for my little cousin's birthday today. Yeah I know my life is pathetic...haha.

**EDIT: This is a picture of the cakes I made (from scratch if I may

Friday, November 30, 2007


It is FINALLY raining here and I am loving it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


To those of you who celebrate turkey day, I hope everyone had a good one. Although everything went very well with the Thanksgiving dinner I prepared, I was very disappointed with my turkey. Every year I take pride in my turkey being very moist and juicy, but that was not the case this year. I don't know what happen I did the exact same thing I do every year, the only thing that was different was that I finish a little to early so it sat around for a good hour. At least the whole turkey wasn't dry just the breast, but nothing a little gravy couldn't fix. Other than that problem the dinner went great, I got everything made that I wanted to even had time to mix up a few martini's for the family...haha.

The day after Thanksgiving my cousin's and I always go shopping, this year I didn't get very much just a pair of jeans and a few shirts. But the one thing that I have been wanting were a new pair of prescriptive glasses and I finally got them. I got some Oakley's glasses, although I wanted black frames these are close enough. I wanted something different from the glasses I have now which are sliver. Another thing that I love about these glasses is the case that it came in, it is a metal case. Can't wait to get the lens for them.

* These are the glasses that I got and thats the case called the "metal vault" that it came in.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


For the past few days I was and still am, back on my 12 hour work day and DAMN my parents and I are getting really tired. And I have to cook Thanksgiving dinner in a few days as well.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Light Weight

Friday was my last day with the crazy work hours, so once I got off I went to dinner with some friends. While going through the menu I notice they had a new drink, Pomegranate Mojito. After seeing that I got a sudden craving for one. It was really good, but after a few rather big cups I started to "feel it". Not buzz or anything but just the feeling when you began to feel the alcohol setting in (if that makes any sense). I was in COMPLETE shock, this was the first time since I've lost weight that I went out drinking, haven't gone in a long ass time. Before, with the extra weight, I could hold my alcohol very well, it takes a lot to get me buzz. But I guess it's another consequence of losing weight, I am now sadly a light weight...drinker that is...haha.

**It's not a pic from our dinner, but thats exactly the size of the ones I had.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So Tired!!!

For the past few days I have been working 10-12 hour shifts. Our employee is sick so that means my dad has to take over the grave yard shift. So if I don’t work more hours my parents will NOT have any time to rest what so ever (yes it’s a family business). I don’t mind working more, if it means my parents can get at least a few hours off a day, but now it is starting to get to me. I am soo tired when I get home; I haven’t gone to the gym in a few days and feel so blahh, I have tons of emails to go through and I am so behind on my blog roll. According to the reader as of this moment I have 40 posting to read. I want to read them all, but when I get home I jump in the shower and knock out. Hopefully our employee gets better soon so everything can go back to the way it was.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Where's the junk in my trunk?

A few months ago I had purchase a pair of jeans that, at the time, fitted perfectly. They were very comfortable and were tight at just the right spot to accent the behind. But I haven’t worn them in a while because I have lost more weight since I bought them.

Yesterday morning I needed to run some errands before work, so I decided to see how lose they were. As I went to put them on I didn’t even need to unbutton it, they were so lose that I had to wear shorts underneath in attempt to make them tighter, but it didn’t help very much. So I pulled my belt to make them as tight as possible. And as I looked in the mirror I notice that my ass is completely GONE, now there are just pants. With the weight lose sadly I have also lost my junk in the trunk; I guess that is the consequences of losing weight…haha.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nordstrom Cutie

Yesterday I at Nordstrom buying a shirt (on sale of course…haha) and I had notice the guy at the register and thought he was pretty cute. Although what he was wearing I found pretty interesting/wrong, he was wearing a t-shirt with a vest over it and that didn’t look right, but maybe it’s just not my style. Well he asked if I was doing alright and if I needed any help, since the shirts I was looking at were right next to the registers and he was being nice. So I found the shirt that I wanted and took it up to the register and I pulled out my credit card, which is an Angels Baseball card. Once he saw it he said “Ahh the Angels” so I asked who his team is, he said the Yankees, so we were talking about everything that was going on with the team for a few minutes. And while we were chatting he was SLOWLY buttoning up the shirt and folding it neatly to put into the bag, if course I didn’t mind it gave me more time to stare at him…haha. But what I found interesting was that he actually walked around the counter to hand me the bag, and I notice before with other customers he would hand it over the counter. To bad at that point my cousin came and was rushing me to go, so I couldn’t chat with him anymore, but it was fun for the good 5 or 10 minutes he was cute.


Apparently last week my cousin in-law husband had a conference in a city 2 hours away from me, so she came with him, since her jobs allows her to take her work with her. Anyways on Friday they decided last minute to come visit us since it’s the first time her husband been to California, they live in Washington D.C. It was still early in the day and the family is going to get together for dinner, so we had a good few hours to kill. I asked them what they wanted to do/see, they didn’t care and since this was his first time here I figure we would do the touristy thing. So we went to the Kodak Theater walked around there had some really good cream puffs and people watch for a while (always fun to do). Then went next door to the Grauman's Chinese Theatre to look and all the hand and foot prints, took tons of pictures with the stars along the sidewalk, then went to the souvenir store where they picked up some shot glasses. It was sort of fun, I’ve never done that before I really felt like a tourist…haha.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Today and yesterday has been very exciting.

Yesterday I got a call from a company that I had interviewed with MONTHS ago, but didn't get the job because they wanted to hire someone internally who already knew the system. Since my friend works there, she gave me the heads up on the position opening and set me up an interview for Monday. And this position is better than the one I previously interviewed for. So of course I was excited about that.

But then today I received a phone call from an organization that I had interviewed with two months ago, I really wanted to work for but didn't get the job. I had applied for another position and this time the recruiter called, as appose to last time when it was a mass email. He said that he thinks I would be good for this position and since he already knows me we can skip the whole application filling out process because he is going to pull out my app from the last time. So I have another interview on Tuesday. I think this is a REALLY good sign that he actually called and remembers me.

BTW, both places I have interviewed before and I am interviewing with the same people. But a second or third person maybe at each interview, so that is making me kind of nervous to be interviewed by multiple people. Hopefully it all goes well.

Friday, October 19, 2007


There was a very interesting sight at the gym tonight. So I was doing my thing with some weights and there were HOT two guys next to me, taking turns with weights as well. While one of the guy was doing his reps out of no where his friend lifts up his shirt and flex his abs in the mirror (there are mirrors along the wall, like pretty much ever over gym) and says something that I didn't hear because I had my head phones on. And when the guy lifting the weights finish he also lifted up his shirt and flex his abs. I must say that was a pretty hot sight to have two hot guys comparing abs right in front of me. But if I had abs like they did I would be comparing/showing it off as well. I wonder if they compare anything else....haha.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

"I Am Not Gay"

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Yesterday after I got out of work I headed over to my cousin’s house to help him remove his driveway. When I got there he and a buddy of his were hacking away at the concrete using a jackhammer and sledgehammer. So I jumped right in and started loading the broken pieces into a wheel barrel so I can take it to the rock bin that my cousin had rented. During one of my numerous trips back and forth to the rock bin, while going up the ramp it popped up, so I ran right into the end of the ramp and hit my shin. Right after it happen when I run my hand along my shin I could feel the dip where the wood met my leg, it felt pretty weird.

After a while of doing that my cousin friend asked if I wanted to try the sledgehammer since he needed a little break from that. So I agreed to take over the job, it took me a few try’s before I got the hang of it, but once I did it was fun. I don’t know what it was but using a 16 pound sledgehammer to break up concrete felt pretty damn good (it made me feel so manly…lol) and was also great workout. But now I am so sore.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PSA: A Guide to Homosexuality


Last week I was talking with one of my close friend sister-in-law and she had said that she was in a commercial. This came as a complete shock to me because I knew she was no actress or anything. I sort of didn't believe her, but she really had no reason to lie to me. So this morning I get up, turn on the TV and the first commercial I see is who, you guess it was my friend sister-in-law. It is pretty cool to see someone you know on TV. I can't wait to talk to her again and get all the details, such as; how did she get the job, was she discovered walking down the street and what was the pay etc...haha.

I am keeping an eye out for the commercial again, but I doubt I'll ever see it again.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Last night, before I went to the gym, I went by my best friend’s house to drop off some stuff for her aunt. She has been extremely busy at work so I haven’t seen or spoke to her in almost a month. As soon as I walked in the first thing she said/ask was did you lose more weight and that just made my day. Anyways we were chatting for a bit catching up with what is going on with each others lives and if we have spoken to anyone else, apparently all my friends are super busy. And at one point during convo I was REALLLY tempted to just come out to her right then and there. Over the past few months I have been contemplating coming out to her and last night would have been the perfect moment, but I didn’t. Sometimes I just want to be out already so I can just chill and relax when I’m around my friends. Then other times I get freaked out at the idea of someone knowing.

On a side note, I hope your feeling better K.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Been Thinking

I have been thinking and I think I have pretty much outed myself to my best friend last week.

A few months ago the aunt of my best friend, her husband was leaving for the navy. So they were having a going away dinner and my friend had asked me to make a few deserts for them. So I made a tiramisu, chocolate chip calzones and chocolate pistachio biscotti. A few weeks later I was at my friend’s house and her aunt came over, said thank you and that they really loved it. She also mentioned that when her husband comes back they are going to renew their vows and wanted the biscotti for give a ways. She asked me if I am able to make around 200 or so cookies and I said sure.

She emailed me asking if I had any ideas on how to pack the cookies to give them away. So last week I made some cookies and packed them a few different ways for her to choose from and they turned out really cute…haha.

And that got me thinking, what normal “straight” guy would make cookies and pack them all cute and crap. So if my friends had been questioning about me, and I don’t know if they have, I think I have pretty much confirmed it. I maybe looking too much into it, but I can’t help it.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blogger Dinner

I have been meaning to post this a few days ago, but I forgot/was lazy. Anyways on Thursday something happened that I NEVER thought would happen when I started this blog months ago, and that is I met up with a fellow blogger for dinner. I met with Mike from Random Thoughts in My Life. He's a cool guy, dinner was good and after we just walked around the mall for awhile and chatted. It was fun and I hope we can do it again soon.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Viewing and Funeral

It was SOOO much harder than I thought it ever would be. I thought I would be able to hold back the tears, but as I approach her it came pouring and could not stop, along with everyone else.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


A few months ago I posted about my friends mom, who was very sick and in the hospice. Well he just called my right now to tell me that she passed away on Wednesday night. And I don't know how to feel right now. We all knew it was coming and will only be a matter of time, in away I am kind of happy that she has pass and is now free of pain and suffering. She was in SOO much pain and you can totally see it. Even though she was unable to communciate with us you can tell that she was in a lot of pain.

With that said I don't know what to do or say or feel right now, I've never had someone close to me pass away before (thank god). Of all my friends parents I was the closest with her. The viewing is going to be tomorrow and the funeral is on Monday. I've NEVER been to a viewing and funeral before and I don't know why but I am a little scared, I don't know what to do. Should I bring something to either and what should I wear, I don't want to wear anything inappropriate and disrespectful but at the same time I don't want to be over dress. (sorry I know its not appropriate to talk about what to wear right now, but I needed something to get my mind off it)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Today, my cousin and I had planned on going to Magic Mountain. So we were all excited on our drive there, which took like 40 mins. Once we arrived we notice that there were no cars and upon arrival at the gate we realize that they were closed. We were shocked/piss, I mean come on what freakin theme park closes during they week. But apparently since it is off season they only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So since my cousin has these next few days off of work, we are going to try again tomorrow, hopefully they will be open.

Also this weekend I was suppose to go to Vegas, but things didn't work out so the trip is canceled and that makes me sad.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Since, it's the start of a new NFL season here are some quarterbacks that I find pretty cute. In no particular order...

Matt Leinart...Matt Cassel...Carson Palmer.

Rex Grossman...Tony Romo...Drew Brees & Peyton Manning

Matt Hasselbeck...Tom Brady..Joey Harrington

Jeff Garcia...Jake Delhomme...Eli Manning

Ben Roethlisberger...Brady Quinn...Philip Rivers

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Last night my cousins and I decided to go to the beach to grab some dinner. We went to the pier, where there are a bunch shops with a variety of seafood. We ordered a bunch of food and among them were oysters on the half shell. And these things were huge, normally when I have raw oysters I prefer the smaller ones they are usually sweeter and I don’t have to chew them, but these were so big that I had to chew it. Well anyways we were enjoying them and I got stuck with the largest of the bunch and as I was chewing I bit on something hard and thought to myself “ah great I just bit a piece of the shell”. So I spit it out and to my surprise it wasn’t a piece of shell at all but a baby pearl in the making. It was tiny, but no mistaking that it was a pearl, it was perfectly round and had the ivory pearl shine to it.

After dinner and my discover, my cousins girlfriend said that some of her co-workers were going to a bar near by and said that there is a live band. So we decided to check it out, when we arrived it looked like a hole in the wall bar (my favorite type) but there were NO one outside the door, we were all thinking that it’s going to dead so we drove around to the other side and was shock to see tons of cars and a bunch of people outside, apparently the entrance is through the back…haha.

Once inside, to my surprise it was FREAKIN hot, but there were TONS of hotties all over the place. The crowd seemed to be older college kid’s type and once we got some drinks (which were dirt cheap, the way I like it), found my cousins girlfriend co-workers and just hung out waiting for the band to comeback on stage. While the band was on their break they are blasting 80’s music, it was pretty cool we were just rocking to it, ll the while I kept looking around the room because like I said so much eye candy.

When the band came back on stage I notice that one of the guitar guys was really cute. He had a different look to him, he looked sort of old, but sort of young (if that makes any sense). I don’t know but he was really cute and I just stared at him for the rest of the night. After performing a few songs, which were really good, I was surprised again because apparently this was a special night and it was karaoke night with the live band. So people started going on stage, all were sing 80’s music some were good, some were bad and others made you want to jump off a cliff. In the end of the night I had a great time.

Oh and btw as we were leaving the bar at around 2 AM it was a nice and warm 85 degrees outside. Much cooler than it is right now, as I type this post it is a toasty105 degrees.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Armani Underwear

Where do I apply to get the job of the guy in the plaid shirt in this Armani Underwear video.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Boy Culture

Last nght, more like early this morning I watched a movie called Boy Culture and I loved it. I don’t know what it was about this movie but I absolutely loved it. Many of you may or may not like it, but I recommend it. I really can’t say what it is but I REALLY loved/enjoyed it, of course it helps that I find the main character, Derek Magyar,really hot and sexy.
From the website:

BOY CULTURE is the candid confession of "X", a wildly successful male escort. After ten years of sex-for-pay, "X" gets romantically entangled with his two hot roommates and a reclusive elderly client, Gregory. But before Gregory will agree to sex, he tells an unsetting love story spanning fifty years and dares "X" to try something he hasn't felt for years: emotion.

Based on the critically-acclaimed novel by Matthew Rettenmund, BOY CULTURE takes on issues of sexual mores and emotional risk with a witty and incisive voice, revealing the leap of faith that love demands.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Daddies Little Girl

Yesterday afternoon, my aunt had asked me to take her to the pre-school because she needed to drop off some paper work for my little cousin. While she was handling her business in the front office, I was carrying my other little cousin around; she is about 10 months old. I was walking around and a lady came up to me and said “Ahh so precious, daddies little girl.” and continued asking me questions about her. So I just answered her questions acting as though I was her father. But this is not the first time that people thought I was the father, it happens all the time when I take out my little cousins.

After I got to thinking, I started getting a little depressed/sad. I wonder, in the future, will I ever be able to be a father. I love kids, but just don’t want any right now, because I also love giving them back to their parents after spending a day with them. But I am just wondering 10-15 years down the line, if I want kids, how is that going to be possible. And I know there is always adoption and what not, but I don’t know what the laws are with gays adopting as well as the effect it will have on the child.

I know I am still young and don’t need to be thinking about things like this for a while, but I just can’t help it, I really makes wonder.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sales Guy

Today was the last day for a special that was going on at the gym. My mom had recently told me that she wanted to re-join, so I told her of the special and she said to sign her up.

Now at my gym all of the sales rep are EXTREMELY hot guys with a few alright looking girls, I was hoping to get one of the hotties. And when I arrive I notice that there were only two guys, both really hot, so I was excited…haha.

The guy I got was named Brad, really cute, tall, blonde hair, blues eyes, nicely built. Although I was hoping for the other guy because I swore I’ve seen him in porn, but I’m not complaining about this guy. He was really friendly and talkative, of course that is expected being that he is a sales guy, but we joked around a bit and while he was filling out the forms I couldn’t help stare at him, his eyes were so beautiful. Then he asked porn guy for some help, which is when he came over to the desk we were at. Now I had both hotties standing side by side, so hot. It made my day…….sigh. I love going to the gym.

Monday, August 20, 2007

How it went...

Thank You for all those who wished me luck. The interview went very well, it was a group interview/discussion. There were six other people, including myself and two people asking the question. It was a relax environment and I tried my best to speak as much as possible. If I get a second interview, I will hear back at the end of next week so we'll just have to wait and what happen. But I think this job is perfect for me and I REALLY want it.

During the interview the guy told us that there were over 500 applicants that applied for this position and they choose 70 to interview. And out of the 70 they only need 8.

When I got there and approached the front desk I notice two people answering phone calls, one was a very cute guy, with beautiful light blue eyes, and asked me if I needed anything I told him, which is when he told me to have a seat since I was early. As I was waiting I found out that his name was Alex and he was just helping the front desk for a few minutes and was on his way out to lunch. And as he was leaving he wished me good luck, needless to say that made my day, in addition to getting this job interview.

Interview 3

I have another job interview today with an organization that I really REALLY want to work for/be apart of.

Wish me luck, because I am going to need it, oh did I mention that I REALLY want this job.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Eye Candy

I have absolutely NOTHING going on in my life worth blogging about, so I figure I can never go wrong with some eye candy, enjoy.