Friday, August 31, 2007

Boy Culture

Last nght, more like early this morning I watched a movie called Boy Culture and I loved it. I don’t know what it was about this movie but I absolutely loved it. Many of you may or may not like it, but I recommend it. I really can’t say what it is but I REALLY loved/enjoyed it, of course it helps that I find the main character, Derek Magyar,really hot and sexy.
From the website:

BOY CULTURE is the candid confession of "X", a wildly successful male escort. After ten years of sex-for-pay, "X" gets romantically entangled with his two hot roommates and a reclusive elderly client, Gregory. But before Gregory will agree to sex, he tells an unsetting love story spanning fifty years and dares "X" to try something he hasn't felt for years: emotion.

Based on the critically-acclaimed novel by Matthew Rettenmund, BOY CULTURE takes on issues of sexual mores and emotional risk with a witty and incisive voice, revealing the leap of faith that love demands.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Daddies Little Girl

Yesterday afternoon, my aunt had asked me to take her to the pre-school because she needed to drop off some paper work for my little cousin. While she was handling her business in the front office, I was carrying my other little cousin around; she is about 10 months old. I was walking around and a lady came up to me and said “Ahh so precious, daddies little girl.” and continued asking me questions about her. So I just answered her questions acting as though I was her father. But this is not the first time that people thought I was the father, it happens all the time when I take out my little cousins.

After I got to thinking, I started getting a little depressed/sad. I wonder, in the future, will I ever be able to be a father. I love kids, but just don’t want any right now, because I also love giving them back to their parents after spending a day with them. But I am just wondering 10-15 years down the line, if I want kids, how is that going to be possible. And I know there is always adoption and what not, but I don’t know what the laws are with gays adopting as well as the effect it will have on the child.

I know I am still young and don’t need to be thinking about things like this for a while, but I just can’t help it, I really makes wonder.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sales Guy

Today was the last day for a special that was going on at the gym. My mom had recently told me that she wanted to re-join, so I told her of the special and she said to sign her up.

Now at my gym all of the sales rep are EXTREMELY hot guys with a few alright looking girls, I was hoping to get one of the hotties. And when I arrive I notice that there were only two guys, both really hot, so I was excited…haha.

The guy I got was named Brad, really cute, tall, blonde hair, blues eyes, nicely built. Although I was hoping for the other guy because I swore I’ve seen him in porn, but I’m not complaining about this guy. He was really friendly and talkative, of course that is expected being that he is a sales guy, but we joked around a bit and while he was filling out the forms I couldn’t help stare at him, his eyes were so beautiful. Then he asked porn guy for some help, which is when he came over to the desk we were at. Now I had both hotties standing side by side, so hot. It made my day…….sigh. I love going to the gym.

Monday, August 20, 2007

How it went...

Thank You for all those who wished me luck. The interview went very well, it was a group interview/discussion. There were six other people, including myself and two people asking the question. It was a relax environment and I tried my best to speak as much as possible. If I get a second interview, I will hear back at the end of next week so we'll just have to wait and what happen. But I think this job is perfect for me and I REALLY want it.

During the interview the guy told us that there were over 500 applicants that applied for this position and they choose 70 to interview. And out of the 70 they only need 8.

When I got there and approached the front desk I notice two people answering phone calls, one was a very cute guy, with beautiful light blue eyes, and asked me if I needed anything I told him, which is when he told me to have a seat since I was early. As I was waiting I found out that his name was Alex and he was just helping the front desk for a few minutes and was on his way out to lunch. And as he was leaving he wished me good luck, needless to say that made my day, in addition to getting this job interview.

Interview 3

I have another job interview today with an organization that I really REALLY want to work for/be apart of.

Wish me luck, because I am going to need it, oh did I mention that I REALLY want this job.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Eye Candy

I have absolutely NOTHING going on in my life worth blogging about, so I figure I can never go wrong with some eye candy, enjoy.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weird Sex Laws

A law in Faibanks, Alaska, does not allow moose to have sex on city streets.

In Ventura County, California, cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permit.

In Florida it is illegal for single, divorced, or widowed women to parachute on Sunday afternoons.

If a police officer in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, suspects a couple is having sex inside a vehicle they must honk their horn three times, and wait two minutes before being allowed to approach the scene.

Women must address bachelors as master instead of mister, according to an Illinois state law.

A law in Oblong, Illinois makes it a crime to make love while fishing or hunting on your wedding day.

In Ames Iowa a husband may not take more than three gulps of beer while lying in bed with his wife.

A law in Alexandria, Minnesota makes it illegal for a husband to make love to his wife if his breath smells like garlic, onions, or sardines.

In Bozeman, Montana, you can't perform any sexual acts in the front yard of any home, after sundown, and if you are nude.

A Helena, Montana law states that a woman cannot dance on a saloon table unless her clothing weights more than three pounds, two ounces.

Hotel owners in Hastings, Nebraska are required by law to provide a clean, white cotton nightshirt to each guest. According to the law, no couple may have sex unless they are wearing the nightshirts.

Any couple making out inside a vehicle, and accidentally sounding the horn during their lustful act, may be taken to jail according to a Liberty Corner, New Jersey law.

During lunch breaks in Carlsbad, New Mexico, no couple should engage in a sexual act while parked in their vehicle, unless their car has curtains.

In Nevada sex without a condom is considered illegal.

In Cleveland, Ohio women are not allowed to wear patent-leather shoes.

Clinton, Oklahoma, has a law against masturbating while watching two people having sex in a car.

In Willowdale, Oregon, no man may curse while having sex with his wife.

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania it is illegal to have sex with a truck driver inside a toll booth.

Hotels in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, are required by law to furnish their rooms with twin beds only. There should be a minimum of two feet between the beds, and it is illegal for a couple to make love on the floor between the beds.

In Kingsville, Texas, there is a law against two pigs having sex on the city's airport property.

A Tremonton, Utah law states that no woman is allowed to have sex with a man while riding in an ambulance. In addition to normal charges, the woman's name will be published in the local newspaper. The man does not receive any punishment.

No woman may go in public without wearing a corset in Norfolk, Virginia.

In the state of Washington there is a law against having sex with a virgin under any circumstances. (including the wedding night)

The only acceptable sexual position in Washington D.C. is the missionary-style position. Any other sexual position is considered illegal.

In Connorsville, Wisconsin no man shall shoot of a gun while his female partner is having a sexual orgasm.

**from Weird Facts

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Weekend

Friday night I saw The Bourne Ultimatum and it was great. The movie kept you on edge the whole time and the fight scenes were awesome. And plus all the assassins though out the entire movie were so damn hot and sexy.

Saturday my friends and I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. And it felt as though everyone and their moms were there. The lines for all the good rides were about 2-3 hours long, but we waited and it was well worth the wait.

There were so many hotties all over the place, it was driving me crazy. But towards the end of the night the park seems to becomes couple nation, everywhere I look there are couples hugging, kissing, holding hands. It gets me kind of sad because I wish I had someone to do that with, but even if I did we would not be doing that in public. At the end of the day I had a great time, very tiring but fun.

And Sunday was work as usual.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Be-Lated Birthday Dinner

I just got back from my be-lated birthday dinner, which was at Lawry's in Beverly Hills. Every year the football teams that are going to play in the Rose Bowl go to this is the restaurant to see who can eat the most beef, which they call the Beef Bowl they even have a beef bowl cut, I don't even want to imagine how big that cut is, because the cut I had was pretty damn thick.

Anyways this was the BEST prime rib I have ever had. It was so damn tender and the mash potato, gravy and creamed corn was soo good as well. So if anyone is ever in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas or Las Vegas I recommend you try this place and you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Gym Pt.3

At the gym there are a handful of guys that I find so hot/sexy/cute. Don't get me wrong there are tons of cute guys, but some just pushes my buttons and I just want to stare. Well last night I got to see one them shirtless. We were in the sauna, and we have been in there at the same time before but he has never taken off his shirt. For some reason last night he did and DAMN, it made my dream come true, partly (full dream to see him naked). His body is ALOT more rip than I had imagined it, so beautiful and tone.