Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eventful Week Pt. 2

Thursday - My girls took me out for a be-lated birthday dinner at the Yardhouse. It was cool because one of my friends husband knows the GM, so once we sat down all kinds of appetizers came out and restaurant is GREAT they have about 100 kinds of beer on tap.

Friday - JR and I went out to the gay bars out in WeHo. We got our drinks and surveyed the bar, like every other guy there. Stood around, JR introduce me to some of his friends and then I saw them. A few girls that I went to high school with that I still talk to every now and then. So they came over and were in SHOCK and very excited. One of the girls ask me "So are you?" I told her I was, which she said thats great.

So now I need to tell my closes friends before they find out from other sources. Which leads me to tomorrow, I am meeting with one of my closes friend for happy hour, and I am going to tell her the news. Surprising right now I am not nervous and don't really care that they know, I hope that doesn't change tomorrow. I think I am ready to step out of the closet to get some air...haha. Well anyways wish me luck.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eventful Week

Tuesday - came back from NYC and as soon as I get home, I am welcome with an earthquake. It has been a while since we had one, and this one lasted a little longer than normal. It started with a shake then it rolled from side to side.

Wednesday - my bosses and few other co-workers took me out for a be-lated birthday lunch (I had my birthday in NYC). There were a lot of us, and it was great to talk to everyone out of work. So I was at one end of the table talking with my boss and we got to talking about different restaurants and she recommended one on Melrose she says and I quote "It's down the street from the Abbey, you know where that is right?" So at this point I am pretty sure she knows I'm gay, oh btw she is gay as well. Then we got to talking about my trip to NYC and she ask me what neighborhood and visited, she then ask if I visited Greenwich Village and just to make she knows I'm gay, I also added that I visited HK and Chelsea (other gay NYC neighborhoods). So I am pretty sure at this point she knows I am gay.

Wednesday Night - one of our friend plays in the NHL and since the season is over, he came home for a few weeks before he has to go back to training camp. So we all met up for dinner, something that we have not done in a LONG time, meet up as an entire group that is.

Thursday and Friday to come, to lazy to type anymore and I'm sure you are tired of reading it. A hint of whats to come.....on Friday I was outed.