Wednesday, February 27, 2008

At Work Today

I donated blood today and as those of you who have donated or tried to donate before, knows that you have to fill out questions and one of those question is for male only; asked if you have had sex with another male. So that got me thinking does that mean WHEN I start to having sex with men I can no longer give blood, how fucked up is that and also how awkward would that be if they ask when was the last time you had sex with a man or something like

Then later in the day we had a guy, that was SOOO freakin hot, come to present some things (he stetted up a booth and had info) . I could not stop staring he had blond hair, blues eyes, tall, built, just soo hot. And even though he was wearing a shirt and tie (which made him look even hotter) you can tell he works out; he had nice arms, shoulders, pecs etc... I tried my best to look at his name tag and found out his name was Craig, but could not see his last name. I didn't want to stare to much because I know he caught me looking a little to long a few times and gave me a slight smile. (yeah I know wishful But later I found out that he usually comes once a month so I can't wait for next month.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just when...

Just when I said I had nothing going on, last night the help did not come in and he didn't let us know in time, so that meant my dad had to stay up all night with no sleep and I tried to help him the best I could. But since my dad was working over night meant my mom had to come in earlier and she would need my help. So I got home from helping my dad at around 1am and I had to be up to help my mom at 6am. I helped her for a few hours then went to my new job.

As soon as I got there my boss told me that my new laptop finally came in so I was excited about that and I was super busy at work as well didn't have much time to sit down and when I did sit down it was for a 3 hour meeting. After I got off that job I went straight back to my parents so my mom can go home and get some rest, she was there all day and have not been feeling well these past few days. So I just got home and realize that between the two jobs, I have worked about 16 hours today. It was a LONG day...haha.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I really have nothing blog worthy going on right now. All I do is work then once I get off the new job I go to the old job for a few hours. Nothing exciting to report, sadly 97% of the people that I work with are women, so I have no crushes going on at work, which I guess is a good

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Last Tuesday Night

Sorry for the delay guys, I've been busy with work and stuff.

Anyways last Tuesday, Chris (a blog reader) was in town so him, JR and myself decided last minute to go to a bar/club called MJ's. We got there around 10:30 and there was a line, can you believe that on a Tuesday night. While waiting in line, there was a guy in front of us that I thought was pretty cute, although JR and Chris had their own Once we got in, the first thing we notice were the go go dancers on small stages through out the club. That was my first time being that close to male go go dancers. So we got our drinks and made are rounds around the place a few times. And eventually ended up on the dance floor, now this is where it gets interesting.

On the dance floor is where we see the cute guy from the line, so JR and Chris were pushing me to go up to him and dance and/or talk to him. As we slowly made our way towards him, I did not have the balls to go up to him what so ever. So after a few minutes of me not doing anything, but just randomly dancing, we started to leave the dance floor.

As JR and Chris were leaving a guy came up to me and started dancing all up on me, so I was like alright and went with it. Then his friend came and started dancing with us as well, I eventually was sandwich between the two of them. We dance/grind up on each other for a while before the friend in front of me went to dance with another friend and I was left with the one behind me. That is when it started getting a little hot, as we were dancing he took my hand and put it on his crotch. So since my hand was there what is a guy to do but squeeze and rub it, through his pants of course. Then I squeeze his ass for a while, he held my hand for a bit and then took it back to his package. Oh and while all this was going on down there we were still dancing and he was biting my ear and also had his other hand up my shirt. We did that for a while and I eventually turned around so that we were face to face and then it just happened, we started kissing right there on the dance floor, he bit my ear for a little then went back to kissing.

We eventually stopped, he told me his name (David), then told me to wait there while he went to look for his friends, I told him I had to go look for my friends as well and we went our separate way, so that was my first man kiss, didn't think it would happen that way, I at least thought I would know the guys name first but ehh oh well...haha. And that was my Tuesday night, last week, how was your Tuesday night?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

It makes the girls go crazy!!!

After I got out of work today I went to the Kenneth Cole store to get their cologne. But I could not decide between the Kenneth Cole Reaction or Kenneth Cole Black. So I ask the sales guy, who was pretty cute, which one does he prefers. And right away he said Kenneth Cole Reaction he said and I quote "It makes the girls go crazy" and went on saying that he has seen ladies go into the store just to smell it. While he was saying this I was thinking to myself; "Is there anything that makes the boys go crazy"...haha. So I ended up getting the Reaction because we all know how much I want the ladies to go crazy around But I still like the Black so I will probably end up getting that one as well, I hope that one will make the boys go crazy.