Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nordstrom Cutie

Yesterday I at Nordstrom buying a shirt (on sale of course…haha) and I had notice the guy at the register and thought he was pretty cute. Although what he was wearing I found pretty interesting/wrong, he was wearing a t-shirt with a vest over it and that didn’t look right, but maybe it’s just not my style. Well he asked if I was doing alright and if I needed any help, since the shirts I was looking at were right next to the registers and he was being nice. So I found the shirt that I wanted and took it up to the register and I pulled out my credit card, which is an Angels Baseball card. Once he saw it he said “Ahh the Angels” so I asked who his team is, he said the Yankees, so we were talking about everything that was going on with the team for a few minutes. And while we were chatting he was SLOWLY buttoning up the shirt and folding it neatly to put into the bag, if course I didn’t mind it gave me more time to stare at him…haha. But what I found interesting was that he actually walked around the counter to hand me the bag, and I notice before with other customers he would hand it over the counter. To bad at that point my cousin came and was rushing me to go, so I couldn’t chat with him anymore, but it was fun for the good 5 or 10 minutes he was cute.


Apparently last week my cousin in-law husband had a conference in a city 2 hours away from me, so she came with him, since her jobs allows her to take her work with her. Anyways on Friday they decided last minute to come visit us since it’s the first time her husband been to California, they live in Washington D.C. It was still early in the day and the family is going to get together for dinner, so we had a good few hours to kill. I asked them what they wanted to do/see, they didn’t care and since this was his first time here I figure we would do the touristy thing. So we went to the Kodak Theater walked around there had some really good cream puffs and people watch for a while (always fun to do). Then went next door to the Grauman's Chinese Theatre to look and all the hand and foot prints, took tons of pictures with the stars along the sidewalk, then went to the souvenir store where they picked up some shot glasses. It was sort of fun, I’ve never done that before I really felt like a tourist…haha.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Today and yesterday has been very exciting.

Yesterday I got a call from a company that I had interviewed with MONTHS ago, but didn't get the job because they wanted to hire someone internally who already knew the system. Since my friend works there, she gave me the heads up on the position opening and set me up an interview for Monday. And this position is better than the one I previously interviewed for. So of course I was excited about that.

But then today I received a phone call from an organization that I had interviewed with two months ago, I really wanted to work for but didn't get the job. I had applied for another position and this time the recruiter called, as appose to last time when it was a mass email. He said that he thinks I would be good for this position and since he already knows me we can skip the whole application filling out process because he is going to pull out my app from the last time. So I have another interview on Tuesday. I think this is a REALLY good sign that he actually called and remembers me.

BTW, both places I have interviewed before and I am interviewing with the same people. But a second or third person maybe at each interview, so that is making me kind of nervous to be interviewed by multiple people. Hopefully it all goes well.

Friday, October 19, 2007


There was a very interesting sight at the gym tonight. So I was doing my thing with some weights and there were HOT two guys next to me, taking turns with weights as well. While one of the guy was doing his reps out of no where his friend lifts up his shirt and flex his abs in the mirror (there are mirrors along the wall, like pretty much ever over gym) and says something that I didn't hear because I had my head phones on. And when the guy lifting the weights finish he also lifted up his shirt and flex his abs. I must say that was a pretty hot sight to have two hot guys comparing abs right in front of me. But if I had abs like they did I would be comparing/showing it off as well. I wonder if they compare anything else....haha.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

"I Am Not Gay"

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Yesterday after I got out of work I headed over to my cousin’s house to help him remove his driveway. When I got there he and a buddy of his were hacking away at the concrete using a jackhammer and sledgehammer. So I jumped right in and started loading the broken pieces into a wheel barrel so I can take it to the rock bin that my cousin had rented. During one of my numerous trips back and forth to the rock bin, while going up the ramp it popped up, so I ran right into the end of the ramp and hit my shin. Right after it happen when I run my hand along my shin I could feel the dip where the wood met my leg, it felt pretty weird.

After a while of doing that my cousin friend asked if I wanted to try the sledgehammer since he needed a little break from that. So I agreed to take over the job, it took me a few try’s before I got the hang of it, but once I did it was fun. I don’t know what it was but using a 16 pound sledgehammer to break up concrete felt pretty damn good (it made me feel so manly…lol) and was also great workout. But now I am so sore.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PSA: A Guide to Homosexuality


Last week I was talking with one of my close friend sister-in-law and she had said that she was in a commercial. This came as a complete shock to me because I knew she was no actress or anything. I sort of didn't believe her, but she really had no reason to lie to me. So this morning I get up, turn on the TV and the first commercial I see is who, you guess it was my friend sister-in-law. It is pretty cool to see someone you know on TV. I can't wait to talk to her again and get all the details, such as; how did she get the job, was she discovered walking down the street and what was the pay etc...haha.

I am keeping an eye out for the commercial again, but I doubt I'll ever see it again.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Last night, before I went to the gym, I went by my best friend’s house to drop off some stuff for her aunt. She has been extremely busy at work so I haven’t seen or spoke to her in almost a month. As soon as I walked in the first thing she said/ask was did you lose more weight and that just made my day. Anyways we were chatting for a bit catching up with what is going on with each others lives and if we have spoken to anyone else, apparently all my friends are super busy. And at one point during convo I was REALLLY tempted to just come out to her right then and there. Over the past few months I have been contemplating coming out to her and last night would have been the perfect moment, but I didn’t. Sometimes I just want to be out already so I can just chill and relax when I’m around my friends. Then other times I get freaked out at the idea of someone knowing.

On a side note, I hope your feeling better K.