Thursday, May 22, 2008

CRAZY weather

What was up with the weather this week? So on Monday and Tuesday it was around 98 - 100 degrees. And this morning it started off fine, kinda cloudy kinda sunny but then around 3 o'clock it all change. Out of no where it started pouring rain and I mean hardcore, it rained so hard so fast that the streets were flooding.

Then when I got home I was SHOCK to see the lawn covered in what looked to be like snow, but it was hail, a good 3 or so inches of it. And in another city 45 minutes away from me there were several tornado's that touch ground, flipping over a train car in the process. Oh and yesterday it was extremely windy. It has been a CRAZY week, weather wise.

UPDATE: Some pictures of the hail storm that people took and sent in to a local news station.

One of the tornado that touch ground.


dit said...

It has been crazy weather here. Especially since we normally do not really have weather.

Anonymous Blogger said...

it has been crazy over here too, I don't know where you are from, but we probably are close cause it was hailing over here too. I woke up to the hail.

like your blog!