Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thought about it

Last Saturday I had a wedding to go too. And that morning I was talking with my mom, she was asking what time was the wedding, what time I was leaving etc. Then she asked what time I was going to start getting ready because I have to shave (I had a very light 5 o'clock shadow that I thought looked pretty good...haha), shower and what not. I said I wasn't going to shave, she was surprise and said "how are you going to get a girlfriend with that hair". At that point I was SOOOO tempted to say it doesn't matter because I don't want a girlfriend. But of course I didn't say anything, just laughed it off and walk away. I think that would have been a good moment to tell her or at least hinted at something, but oh well.

My 5 o'clock shadow sorta looked like this:


dit said...

I think that is a very cute look.

Tim said...

I'd hit that!

Christian said...

Oh boy I love 5 o'clock shadows.